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ResMed CPAP Mask Series

ResMed is one of the most respected names in CPAP equipment and they offer a variety of CPAP mask styles -- they truly have an option for everyone. However, all those options can be overwhelming and the product names can be confusing. Here's how to decipher the names of ResMed CPAP masks to help you find your ideal mask.

Q: What is an AirFit vs an AirTouch?

FIT = Silicone, which is soft, durable, and easy to clean.

TOUCH = Memory Foam, which is ultra-soft and conforms to the face.

Q: What do the F, N and P mean?

F = Full Face Mask

A Full Face cushion allows you to breathe through both nose and mouth when sleeping. There are styles that rest at the bridge of the nose to cover the entire nose and mouth, and styles that rest beneath the nose.

N = Nasal Mask

A Nasal cushion is for those who breathe through the nose when sleeping. Like full face masks, there are styles that both cover the entire nose and rest under the nose. Nasal masks are often preferred by those who are side sleepers.

P = Nasal Pillows Mask

Nasal Pillows rest at the entrance of each nostril. This is the lightest style of mask, and while it might seem to be the most comfortable, it all depends on the person. Some might even find a full face mask more comfortable.

Q: What do the 10, 20 and 30 mean?

ResMed is committed to making CPAP mask designs that fit their customers, and so they are continually launching new versions. The 10 is a first-generation mask, the 20 is a second generation, the 30 is a third generation. Inevitably, there will be a 40, and so on.

However, just because they release a new version, it doesn't mean the prior one is obsolete. It's just different. Each CPAP patient has a unique face shape, breathing pattern, and sleeping style.

For example, notice that the main difference between the 20 and 30 generations is that the 20 covers the nose fully, whereas the the 30 rests below the nose.

AirFit F20 = Fully covers noseAirFit F30 = Rests below noseAirFit N20 = Fully covers noseAirFit N30 = Rests below nose

Q: What does it mean if there is an i in the mask name?

When you see a ResMed mask with an "i" in the product name, that means the tubing connects at the top of the mask, rather than the bottom. It swivels 360 degrees, allowing for greater movement -- a great option for those who change positions frequently when they sleep.

F30i = Full face mask with top connector.N30i = Nasal mask with top connector.P30i = Nasal pillows mask with top connector.

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