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CPAP Masks

Buy CPAP Masks here.  CPAP masks are the critical connection point between a sleep apnea patient and their CPAP therapy. Available in a variety of styles and configurations, sleep apnea masks are designed for both therapeutic performance and patient comfort, making your nightly sleep therapy a welcome experience. Find your CPAP mask solution today from the wide selection available at

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  1. ResMed AirFit™ N10 Nasal CPAP Mask Assembly Kit
    As low as $68.00
    The AirFit N10 Nasal CPAP Mask Assembly Kit is the frame and cushion system specially designed for the AirFit N10 and AirFit N10 For Her. The assembly kit is offered in three different sizes: Small, Standard, and Wide. Please select the desired size when placing the order. Learn More
  2. ResMed AirFit™ F10 Full Face CPAP Mask Assembly Kit
    As low as $124.00
    The new AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask Assembly kit is specially designed for the ResMed AirFit™ F10. This is a full face mask featuring a special design to effectively deliver air to both the nose and mouth. This is the mask only, and the headgear is not included with this product.Learn More
  3. Nuance Replacement Gel Nasal Pillow Front View
    As low as $25.00
    These gel nasal pillows, from Philips Respironics, come standard with all Nuance & Nuance Pro CPAP Masks. Nuance / Nuance Pro gel nasal pillows are infused with a ring of soft, flexible gel that rests on the outside of the nostrils to create a secure seal without pressure or pinching. Learn More
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CPAP masks provide the critical link between patient and machine during sleep therapy. Sleep apnea masks create a seal around the patient’s nose and/or mouth (depending on the mask type), which ensures the pressurized airflow from the CPAP machine keeps the airway open and prevents obstructive sleep apneas from occurring. The world’s most advanced, cutting-edge CPAP machine will be rendered practically useless if it’s paired with an ill-fitting, ineffective CPAP mask.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of sleep apnea masks that cater to a variety of patient needs. Full face masks, nasal masks, nasal pillows and innovative hybrid CPAP mask designs are available, designed to deliver both performance and comfort. No matter your sleep therapy requirements or personal preferences, you can find a comfortable CPAP mask solution right here at CPAP Direct. Order an effective and comfortable sleep apnea mask today!

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