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Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel APAP

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Philips Respironics DreamStation Go APAP


Philips Respironics brings the revolutionary travel design of the DreamStation Go to a APAP machine, taking APAP therapy to a new level. At half the size and two thirds less parts of the standard DreamStation platform, the DreamStation Go offers the same therapy, connectivity and comfort features used by over 5 million PAP users. This innovative, state of the art design is not only truly portable but built to last. The Go flies through security just like a smartphone. Place it into the optional clamshell case to insure a safe transport.


  • Innovative

DreamStation Go APAP machine provides the portability and pack-ability travelers desire while offering them highly effective therapy required. The DreamStation Go has 1/3 fewer components than other travel CPAP machines without compromising on therapy or comfort. It also has a built-in power block to eliminate additional bulk. Plug directly from the unit into the wall!

  • Patient Preferred Tubing

The all-new 12mm micro-flexible tubing is designed to provide you with the added freedom of moving during sleep. Engineered to minimize bulk and improve mobility as a travel CPAP machine, the 12mm tubing is 58% smaller than the standard 22mm performance tubing. It offers enhanced flexibility and portability with click-connections on each end, which makes connecting and disconnecting the device and mask simple.

  • Proven Flex Technology

The clinically-proven Flex technology enhances traditional CPAP therapy and dramatically improves patient comfort. DreamStation Go utilizes the same Flex technology as both the DreamStation and System One CPAP devices. The DreamStation Go uses Flex technology to automatically evaluate user breathing patterns and provide pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation, while also easing pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation in an effort to mirror the user’s natural breathing on a breath-by-breath basis. Flex delivers the right amount of pressure at the right time, making it much easier to stick with CPAP therapy.

  • Altitude Compensation

The Go also comes standard with altitude compensation, which comes in handy for users when staying at altitude. It stores breathing compliance data for a year on board the machine database and connects wirelessly (using Bluetooth technology) with the DreamMapper app, which offers support and therapy results on a cell phone. If you own the standard DreamStation unit, both can be synced to provide consecutive data so gaps will not alter compliance results.

  • DreamMapper Cross-Device Connectivity

Users now have the ability to track and monitor their combined progress across both home and portable PAP devices in one convenient dashboard on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. If users also own a DreamStation PAP machine they can incorporate both machine’s data into the DreamMapper software. With this, compliance and data history is consistent and able to be reviewed without past gaps.

In The Box

  • DreamStation Go machine
  • 6 foot long 12mm Micro-Flex tube
  • 6 foot long power cord
  • 1 reusable filter
  • Universal Mask Adapter
  • 2 year warranty
  • User manual

Part # DSG500S11

AC Power Cord Length 6 feet
Pressure 4-20 cm h20
Electrical Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight 1.86 pounds
Warranty 2 Years
Dimensions 5.94"L x 5.94"W x 2.32"H
MSRP $999.00  You Save: 10.9%

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Customer Reviews


Respironics Go -- A Winner

Recently, for long international flights and trips, I decided to buy either a ResMed Mini or a Respironics Go. I was dissuaded from the Mini, despite my familiarity with the ResMed algorithm from using an S9, by the Mini's cumbersome HIE insert, its strict limitation to a few proprietary mask types, and, most important, the various (possibly accurate or inaccurate) reports of high tube noise levels. I was persuaded to purchase the Go by its thoughtful integration of all components into one elegant piece. The entire Go unit, about 2 inches in width in its taut travel case, and its simple (no brick) electrical cord and slender 12mm tube slip easily into my computer travel bag.

I now use the Go full time. So far, the Go itself seems to be an extremely flexible, extremely quiet device. The Go effortlessly provides to a smart phone more information than the S9 or Z1 on the Go screen or via its dedicated Blue Tooth app. (Your doctor (or you) very easily can alter the pressure limits once you know the Go’s simple medical entry protocol which can be found via this site.) The Go adjusts to use any manufacturer's various tube sizes, 12, 15, and 22, and comes with the excellent proprietary very light weight, very compact 12 mm tube. Unlike the Mini, the Go is compatible with any type of mask or nasal pillows. The Go unit appears to be very well built and has no elements that would snag (or get lost) in carry-on or checked luggage.

To my eye, the Go has the perfect, if somewhat pricey, proprietary Go battery solution. The very solid basic machine and the companion battery slide into each other to yield a fairly compact single unit. You can leave the add-on battery attached to the APAP or CPAP Go and, if power fails, the battery automatically starts. Alternatively you can charge the battery on the side and use it when you know you will not have an electrical outlet available. The battery will run the Go for about a dozen hours at moderate CPAP 10 levels. The Go currently does not have a humidifier but quite clearly has been designed for the addition at some future date.

My overall impression is that the Go’s designers were determined to avoid earlier travel CPAP issues and to make travel as simple as possible. At the moment, after two weeks of use, my perhaps too diligent research about alternatives appears to have yielded a really good solution for a person who wants a travel with an APAP or CPAP that also can be used full time at home.

CPAPdirect's service was excellent.

Hope this helps a little.

Reviewed on 08/09/2017
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