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HDM Z2 Auto Travel APAP Machine with Z-Breathe™

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Z2 Auto Travel APAP Machine with Z-Breathe™ (30-Day Trial)


Finding a good night’s sleep away from home is difficult, and doubly so for travelers who suffer from sleep apnea. Thankfully, the Z2 APAP machine from HDM makes CPAP therapy a mobile experience. Lightweight, compact and extremely quiet, the Z2 APAP is a convenient and effective sleep apnea solution for travelers. The trusty Z2 APAP even delivers sleep therapy off the grid, thanks to its optional PowerShell™ battery pack, which powers a full 8 hours of cord-free therapy.

  • CPAP Therapy On-the-Go

Traveling with a CPAP machine doesn’t have to be a hassle, because the Z2 APAP is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You won’t have trouble finding a place for the Z2 in your suitcase or carry-on! It’s also one of the lightest CPAP machines available, weighing in at a mere 10 ounces. Small and lightweight, the Z2 APAP is also one of the quietest machines available – registering only 26 dBA during operation.

This compact Z2 APAP might be ideal for travel, but it packs a potent punch and is more than capable of serving as an everyday therapy machine. The tiny Z2 APAP machine can flow 4–20 cmH2O of pressure, satisfying the prescribed levels for most obstructive sleep apnea patients. The Z2 APAP also utilizes HDM’s comfort-enhancing Z-Breathe™ technology – a proprietary algorithm that lowers CPAP pressure during exhalation based on your breathing pattern.

  • Integrated CPAP Battery Pack

The Z2 APAP integrates seamlessly with HDM’s PowerShell, which can deliver a full 8 hours of cord-free CPAP therapy. That means campers and outdoor enthusiasts can cut the cord confident of a good night’s sleep, so long as the Z2 + PowerShell gets tucked away in their gear.

Designed and assembled in the USA, the Z2 APAP is backed by a 2–year warranty. It comes equipped with AC power supply, custom USB cable, and drawstring carrying pouch. The Z2 APAP also includes one disposable filter, as well as one HME Humidification Moisture Exchanger (a waterless humidification solution that connects between the CPAP mask and tube, an HME lasts for 5–7 days before it needs replacement).


  • New Auto Start / Stop Feature on the Z2 Auto™. Therapy automatically starts when the mask is on and the patient takes a breath and stops when the mask is removed.
  • Z-Breathe™ lowers exhalation pressure for more natural breathing
  • Quiet 26 dBA operation
  • Extremely light 10-ounce weight
  • Fully integrates with optional PowerShell™ battery pack
  • Auto-off function puts the display backlight to sleep
  • Displays pressure setting, ramp time & progress, power status, and more
  • Gives you visual feedback when programming ramp and pressure settings
  • Includes an HME (Humidification/Moisture Exchanger)
  • Approved by the FAA for in-flight use

In The Box

  • Z2 device
  • Tube adaptor
  • 4-foot Slim-Style tube
  • Power supply (auto-switching for international travel)
  • Custom USB cable
  • HME (1) good for 5-7 days of use
  • User manual & Get Started guide
  • 1 Filter
  • Q-Tube
  • 2-year warranty

Rx Required

Don’t give up on getting a restful night’s sleep while away from home! The compact and lightweight Z2 CPAP makes it too easy to take your sleep apnea therapy on the road. Shop for your HDM Z2 CPAP machine today at Sleep Direct.

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Weight 7.9 oz
Sound Pressure Level 26 dBA or less
Therapy Modes APAP, CPAP, Ramp
AC Power Cord Length 10 Feet 4 Inches
Operating Temperature 5 - 35 degrees Celsius (41 to 95 degrees F)
Pressure 4-20 cmH2o
Dimensions 6.3″L x 3.5″W x 2″H
Warranty 2 Years
Altitude Adjustment Automatic Up To 8000 Feet
AC (Wall) Power AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
Insurance Code(s) E0601
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