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Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP

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The new Transcend Micro™ is the smallest and lightest CPAP device available on the market – weighing under 0.5 lbs. and measuring less than 4 inches.

Customize Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP
Micro Auto Travel CPAP
Your Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP Machine includes: Device, Power Supply, Custom 6 ft. Hose, Drawstring Bag + Muffler Kit w/6ft standard hose
Transcend Micr   + $870.00
Transcend P8 Travel Battery (8-Cell)
The Transcend Mulitnight battery provides backup power during storms and brown outs for uninterrupted therapy.
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Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP
Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP

In stock



    Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP



    Are you ready to start traveling again but want to avoid carrying around your bulky, bedside CPAP device? Introducing the most compact and lightest travel CPAP machine on the market: The Transcend Micro!

    Weighing in at just under half a pound, the Transcend Micro is now available for your travel needs.

    Special Features

    You can now get the sleep therapy you need from a device about the size of a baseball. The Transcend Micro is as convenient to use as it is to carry around. To help dampen noise, the Transcend Micro includes the Transcend WhisperSoft muffler at no extra cost.

    Use Your Current CPAP Mask

    The Transcend Micro allows the user to use any CPAP mask. Just plug your mask into the Micro's AirFlex 6-foot hose to begin your therapy.

    Sleep Just About Anywhere!

    The Transcend Micro also includes an AC (wall) power adapter for use at home. Also, the Transcend PowerAway P8 battery (sold separately) is designed for various forms of travel, such as camping, flying, or biking. Moreover, the battery sustains sleep therapy as a backup power source during outages.

    GentleRise (Ramp) and AirRelief Technology

    Get the most out of your sleep therapy with Transcend Micro's GentleRise Technology. This feature helps you to fall asleep easier, as the device delivers lower pressure when the machine begins treatment. Over time, the pressure gently increases until you hit your desired level.

    The Transcend Micro has adjustable ramp times, or you can turn the ramp off entirely, ensuring you get the quality of sleep you want. Also, to help control airflow, Transcend's AirRelief feature assists the user by reducing the amount of exhalation as you sleep.


    Introducing the AirMist - HME Kit. This kit is designed exclusively for use with the Transcend Micro CPAP Machine. The purpose of the kit is to offer inline and waterless humidification.

    Just connect the HME between your mask and the AirFlex hose. Once your device begins operating, you will have humidified air for your sleep therapy. HMEs should be replaced about once a week for best results.

    Keep Your Equipment Dry!

    Make going to bed even more comfortable by having your mask and hose dried. The Transcend Micro offers a drying mode that withdraws excess moisture from your hose and mask. Just activate the 30-minute drying cycle to blow air through both CPAP equipment.

    Sleep Therapy Data

    Your Transcend Micro stores your sleep data internally and can be accessed using the Transcend app. Data averages such as pressure, AHI, hours used, and average leak are stored and displayed for easy use.

    In the Box

    • Trancend Micro device
    • Transcend Micro AirFlex™ 6-foot hose
    • Standard 6ft hose
    • Transcend WhisperSoft™ Muffler Kit
    • Transcend travel pouch
    • AC power adapter
    • Reusable Foam Filter
    • 2 Year manufacturer's warranty


    Q:  Can I travel with Transcend on commercial flights?

    A. Absolutely!  You are able to fly with your Transcend CPAP device!  Further, because it is a medical device, your Transcend Micro will not count as one of your carry-on items.  Your doctor can provide an official letter stating that you need to carry your device with you, if necessary. Transcend is FAA-approved for inflight use with a battery. Be sure to call the airline in advance to clarify procedures and in-flight policies.

    Q:  Does the Micro come with a CPAP mask?

    A:  No, the Micro does not come with a mask, but the machine is designed to work with just about any style of CPAP mask.

    Q:  Can I charge the battery pack while it is connected to my Transcend CPAP?

    A:  Yes, the Transcend battery can be recharged with the AC power supply while you are using your Transcend CPAP

    Q:  Do I need to charge the battery before I use it the first time?

    A:  Yes, make sure the Transcend battery is fully charged before using it with your Transcend device for the first time. Please refer to the battery user manual for initial use, care, and storage instructions.

    Q:  Can all Transcend CPAPs be battery-operated?

    A:  Yes, all Transcend CPAP devices can be operated with a battery. Battery type will vary depending on the CPAP model. Transcend Micro is only compatible with the Transcend P8 battery. Transcend 365 is only compatible with the Transcend P10 battery. Transcend 3 is compatible with both the Transcend P8 and P10 batteries.

    Q:  Do the batteries have a warranty?

    A:  The warranty period on batteries is 9 months.

    Q:  How long is my Transcend CPAP covered by the Transcend warranty?

    A:  Transcend Micro has a warranty for 2 years of coverage.  In the event the machine fails, the Transcend CPAP must be returned for warranty replacement.   Please contact the dealer you purchased your device from to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Once you have an RMA number, you can return your CPAP directly to Transcend with that authorization number.

    Q:  How is the pressure set on a Transcend travel CPAP?

    A:  Pressure must be set by a Clinician or DME.

    Q:  Do I need to make any adjustments to my Transcend if I travel or fly at high altitudes?

    A:  No. Transcend automatically compensates therapy pressure to altitudes of up to 8,000 feet.

    Q.  Is Transcend covered by private insurance?

    A:  Generally speaking yes, but reimbursements vary from company to company.  It is advised that you contact your insurance company to be sure. It is also recommended that you contact your local DME or healthcare provider for advice in the event you want to use your insurance to help pay for Transcend CPAP.

    Q:  Transcend CPAP is rather small. Is it too fragile for daily use?

    A:  No. Transcend CPAP devices are built to rigorous standards. The testing requirements are established by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and passing the tests is required to obtain approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or regulatory agencies outside the U.S. Transcend mini CPAP devices are rugged and durable.



    • Warranty  2 years
    • Sound Level  27 dBA
    • FAA Compliant  Yes
    • Exhalation Relief  Yes
    • PowerAC Input: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, Power Supply Output: 18VDC, 1.67 Amp
    • Power Supply and AC Cord: 7ft in length
    • Dimensions  3.6" x 3.6“ x 2.4“
    • Operating Pressure4-20cm
    • Ramp Duration: 0-45 mins
    • Operating Temperature Range  41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C)Auto
    • Altitude Adjustment (up to 8,000 ft) Yes
    • Compliance Data  Yes
    • Bluetooth Capability  Yes
    • Weight  .5lbs
    • Therapy Mode  APAP & CPAP
    • MSRP  $1,099.00  You Save: 18.6%
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