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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Companion

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The Sleep8 ozone CPAP Sanitizer is the leader in market technology. The Sleep8 works to sanitize your CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP, mask and hose by generating ozone (activated oxygen) to sterilize everything you place in the replaceable cleaning bag.

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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Cleaner
Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Companion

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    Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Companion

    The Sleep8 ozone CPAP Sanitizer is the leader in market technology. The Sleep8 works to sanitize your CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP, mask and hose by generating ozone (activated oxygen) to sterilize everything you place in the replaceable cleaning bag.


    Noise: Many older and inferior products that claim to do what the Sleep8 does are loud. Old inefficient designs use pressurized air pumps to fill small cleaning chambers. Not only does this limit the types of masks they can clean, it means they are large, heavy, and loud.

    Safety: The Sleep8 uses multiple 1-way flapper valves to ensure that all of the ozone produced goes into the cleaning bag. In fact, the Sleep8 has a safety shut off that prevents the unit from running when not connected properly. The Sleep8 attention to detail even goes so far as to seal the charging port against any ozone leakage. Once in the cleaning bag, the only way for ozone to leave is through a large activated carbon filter. This filter reacts with the ozone rendering it safe.

    Portability & Home Use: The Sleep8 was designed from the start to be a unit for both portable AND home use. While other units are designed either just for travel or just for home use, the Sleep8 does it all.

    Ease of Use: The simple design is easy and convenient to use. Simply unplug your hose from your PAP device and plug it into the universal port inside the bag. The port will accommodate heated hoses, electric diagnostic hoses, and standard PAP hoses all without any additional adapters or parts to buy. Next simply close the bag with your mask and hose inside. Finally, you plug the Sleep8 device to the outside port on the cleaning bag and press the button.

    The device will clean for 1 hour, and turn itself off. It is recommended that you don’t open the bag for another hour after the cleaning is completed.

    In The Box

    • 1 Sleep8 Device
    • 1 Sanitizing Filter Bag (replace every 3 months of daily use)
    • 1 Micro USB Charger


    Q: How does Sleep8 work?

    A:  The Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer creates ozone to keep your sleep equipment clean and free of viruses, bacteria, fungi, or mold without the hassle of everyday washing and scrubbing.  The Sleep8 device generates its own ozone while connected to a bag, which contains your sleep equipment.  Once enough ozone is created inside the bag, the generator shuts off automatically. Finally, the Sleep8 begins an internal countdown while the bag safely contains the ozone, breaking it back down into breathable air.

    Q.  What is ozone?

    A.  Ozone has a very unique smell--similar to that of chlorine--and is made up of oxygen atoms.  Because ozone breaks down so quickly, the unique smell does not tend to last very long.  Also, if you do not smell the ozone, that's alright, as it can take a slightly higher sensitivity of smell to pick up the ozone scent.  

    Q:  How does ozone kill germs?

    A:  Inside the Sleep8 bag, bacteria cell walls are attacked by ozone particles.  As the ozone continues to come in contact with bacterial cell walls, these walls lose shape and break apart, destroying the bacteria.  Ozone is able to penetrate almost all surface areas, which is much harder to do when cleaning by hand.  

    Q:  Is ozone safe to use to disinfect my sleep equipment?

    A:  Yes, ozone has been used to clean and purify water, dentist's offices, and even hospitals.  But, like any disinfecting agent, ozone can be dangerous if used incorrectly.  When used correctly, ozone is safe and extremely effective in killing harmful bacteria.  Another benefit of ozone is its ability to quickly break down into oxygen.  The Sleep8 was designed to maintain appropriate amounts of ozone; in fact, the Slee8 was designed with safety in mind--everything from the filter bags to the device itself.  

    Q:  Will ozone damage my CPAP?

    A:   No, the Sleep8 will not damage your CPAP.  The Sleep8 is designed to channel ozone through your mask and hose, meaning that Sleep8 prevents ozone from entering the CPAP.  

    Q:  Does ozone cause mask discoloration?

    A:  Yes, mask discoloration can occur, though the mask is not damaged in any way.  If you are able to wipe down your sleep equipment on a regular basis (at least once a week), this can help to reduce discoloration.  A mask can be discolored when oily skin or cosmetics come into contact with ozone.



    • Insurance Code(s)  HSA/FSA #9274
    • Sanitizing Bag Warranty  90 Days
    • Ozone Generator Size  5.5” x 3” x 2.25”
    • Sanitizing Bag  5 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, and 6 inches tall
    • Total Weight  1.6lbs
    • Ozone Generator Warranty  2 years
    • MSRP  $249.00  You Save: 8.0%
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