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ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine

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AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine - AirMini is the world’s smallest CPAP, packed with proven ResMed technologies and features, like waterless humidification, designed to deliver a quality therapy experience anywhere.

Customize ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine
ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine
This Product Comes With: ResMed AirMini travel machine, 20 Watt Power Cord, Patient Manual, 2 year warranty
ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine   + $910.00
AirFit P10 set up pack for AirMini
The AirMini machine is only compatible with a select group of ResMed AirFit masks. Please choose your mask setup pack below. You will require both the setup pack and mask in order to connect everything correctly to the AirMini machine - unless you are purchasing either the P10 or N30 setup pack, which comes with everything already included.
Small N20 Nasal Mask with Headgear
Based on your Mask Setup Pack above, please select the appropriate mask and choose your size. If you selected either the P10 or N30 Setup Pack, please select, 'No thank you,' below.
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ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine
ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine

In stock



    ResMed AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP


    AirMini™ is the world’s smallest CPAP, packed with proven ResMed technologies and features, like waterless humidification, designed to deliver a quality therapy experience anywhere.


    • Features the same proven ResMed device algorithms
    • ActiveAir™ technology allows it to be small, quiet and comfortable
    • Effective waterless humidification1 for portable convenience*
    • Convenient control with the AirMini™ app
    • Premium travel bag and accessories for therapy on the go

    ActiveAir™ Technology

    This crucial technology caps therapy flow while still increasing therapy pressure, which allows the system to be smaller, quieter and more efficient without compromising on therapy delivery or pressure swings.

    A Fully Integrated System

    AirMini™ is more than just a portable CPAP, it’s a turnkey solution for therapy on the go. The AirMini™ device and setup pack, optimized AirFit™ masks and AirMini™ app give patients what they need to bring high-quality therapy along no matter where life takes them.

    Convenient Control With The AirMini™ App

    It’s quick and easy to apply settings to AirMini™ from your or your patient’s smart device. Simply access the clinical menu in the AirMini™ app and choose from therapy mode, pressure, EPR and Ramp to make your changes.

    In the Box:

    • AirMini™ Travel CPAP machine
    • External 20W AC power supply
    • Drawstring travel pouch

    The P10 Mask Pack for AirMini™, the N20 with Setup Pack and the F20/F30 with Setup Pack are compatible with the AirMini™. To use another mask, you will need the Zephair Universal Adapter and a standard hose.


    Q:  Does the AirMini offer humidification?

    A:  The AirMini does not have a traditional humidifier, but the AirMini does have humidification capability.  ResMed has developed a unique waterless solution called HumidX and HumidX Plus.

    Q:  How does HumidX provide humidity?

    A:  The HumidX is made of small and ridged paper that collects moisture and heat as you exhale.  When the patient breathes in, the moisture and heat are released, helping the patient avoid dry mouth and congestion.  Where you are traveling and the climate you are in can also play a role in the effectiveness of the HumidX and HumidX Plus.  

    Q:  What are the differences between HumidX and HumidX Plus?

    A:  The standard HumidX is suitable for most climates, while the HumidX Plus is intended for use in dry or higher altitude locations where humidity tends to be lower.

    Q:  Can the AirMini be used as my full-time machine?

    A:  The AirMini is designed for travel; however, the AirMini has much of the same technology as ResMed's best-selling bedside machine, the AirSense 10.  It is not advised to use the AirMini as your daily CPAP.

    Q:  Which masks can I use with the AirMini?

    A: The AirMini is designed to work with these masks only:  AirFit/AirTouch F20, AirFit F30, AirFit/AirTouch N20, AirFit N30, and AirFit P10.  These masks must have a proprietary hose that is specific to the AirMini--this is known as a setup pack.  

    Q:  What if I want to use a different mask than the ones listed above?

    A:  You'll need the Zephair Universal Adapter for the AirMini.  Additionally, you will need to use a standard hose to connect the Zephair adapter to the AirMini.  Please be aware that you will not be able to connect to the HumidX if you use the Zephair adapter.   If you would like to use the Zephair adapter with a standard hose and still need humidification, you'll want to use Breas Heat/Moisture Exchanger (also known as HME).  

    Q:  Which modes of therapy does AirMini provide?

    A:  The AirMini offers several sleep therapy modes, depending on your needs.  Options include the AutoSet with Response, CPAP mode, or AutoSet for Her.

    Q:  Does the AirMini come with a battery?

    A:  No, the AirMini does not come with a battery and must be plugged into a power source to function; however, ResMed and a variety of 3rd party companies produce batteries to power the AirMini.

    Q:  How often should I replace the HumidX or HumidX Plus?

    A:  Once the packaging is open, the HumidX and HumidX Plus last about 30 days.  

    Q:  Do I need to have a smartphone to operate the AirMini?

    A:  No.  A smartphone or similar device is not required to operate the AirMini.  A smart device is needed to program or change the settings of the AirMini.  Otherwise, the user can use the On/Off button to operate the machine.

    Q:  What is the pressure range of the AirMini?

    A:  The machine may be programmed with 4-20cm auto-adjusting range, or in the fixed pressure mode..

    Q:  How often should I replace my AirMini filter?

    A:   AirMini filters keep your AirMini device clean from particles, dust, dander, and other debris that may enter your machine, creating holes or blockages. These filters are disposable and should be replaced after one (1) month of use or when soiled/damaged. The filters may not be cleaned or washed.

    Q:  Can I use my HSA or FSA funds to purchase the AirMini?

    A: To find out whether or not you can use your FSA or HSA funds to purchase the AirMini, check with your employer’s benefits administrator to determine if it’s eligible for purchase. 

    Warranty2 years
    Insurance Code(s)E0601
    Dimensions5.4 x 3.3 x 2.0 inches
    AC (Wall) Power20W
    Weight0.66 pounds
    Electrical Requirements100-240V
    AirMini Tube6'2" long
    Altitude CompensationAutomatic
    Smart StartYes
    Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR)Yes
    Aircraft useResMed confirms that the AirMini CPAP machine meets FAA requirements for all phases of air travel.
    ModesAutoSet, AutoSet for her, CPAP 4-20 cm H2O
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