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Transcend Mobile Power Adapter

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Mobile Power Adapter

The Mobile Power Adapter is used in conjunction with the Transcend Travel CPAP System by plugging the Adapter into a DC outlet and running your Transcend CPAP Machine. As a Transcend CPAP Machine Portable System user, this is a must have to ensure you maximize your Portable Transcend CPAP Machine. CPAP with no limits!

The Transcend Mobile Power Adapter allows you to take and use your CPAP Machine anywhere you go with little or no effort. There will no longer be an excuse for not taking your CPAP on vacations, camping, etc. as the Mobile Power Adapter allows the freedom to use your Transcend CPAP Machine any place you wish! The Transcend 4-Cell Overnight Battery or Transcend 8-Cell Multi-Night Battery with the Mobile Power Adapter makes taking and using your Transcend CPAP Machine effortless!

Operating Temperatures for the Mobile Power Adapter is as low as -4 degrees and as high as 95 degrees. You should not use the Mobile Power Adapter in any other temperatures other than those listed.

Storage Temperatures for the Mobile Power Adapter is -4 degrees and as high as 185 degrees. Do not store this Adapter in any temperature other those those specified.

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