Sunset Healthcare Universal CPAP Machine In-Line Bacteria Filter (5-pack) |

Sunset Healthcare Universal CPAP Machine In-Line Bacteria Filter (5-pack)

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Universal CPAP Machine In-Line Bacteria Filter (5-pack)

With viral and bacterial filtration efficiencies of over 99.99% the Universal Inline CPAP Filter comes complete with holders as shown. The filter technology helps stop the viruses and bacteria that often plague sleep therapy users creating a clean, sterile environment for a healthy night’s sleep.

A Must Have For Allergy Sufferers

Inline Bacterial Filters are a great option for sleep therapy users who are prone to sickness or allergies. They actively clean the air as it leaves your CPAP or BiPAP machine, working in conjunction with the machine’s built in filters, to provide exceptionally clean air throughout the night.

Safe, Easy and Convenient

These Universal Inline Bacterial Filters are naturally hydrophobic so they allow maximum filtration with a minimum loss of air flow. Each unit is sonically sealed so there are no chemical adhesives or unwanted material residue. Universal Inline Filters are easy to install and should not require re-calibration on most CPAP machines. Simply attach the filter to your machine between the air outlet and your standard CPAP tubing. After that, turn on your machine and experience a steady flow of clean, pure, good tasting air.


Inline Bacterial filters are disposable and should be replaced whenever the white filter material begins to look dirty. These filters will last on average 4-6 weeks before needing to be replaced, however your filters may last for a longer or shorter amount of time depending on environmental conditions.


Some users find that using in-line Bacterial filters can reduce pressure and therapy effectiveness in humidified CPAP machines. If you experience reduced pressure when using an Inline Bacterial Filter with a humidifier, remove the filter and allow it to dry out completely before re-installing on your system or discontinue use of the Inline Bacterial filter completely.


Inline Bacterial Filters are generally attached to the CPAP or BiPAP machine’s air outlet; however machines that offer integrated heated tubing (i.e. PR SystemOne 60 Series Machines, S9 Machines, AirSense 10 Machines, ICON Machines, etc.) require the tubing to be connected directly to the machine. If you want to use an Inline Bacterial Viral Filter with one of the machines listed above consider attaching the Filter at the end of the heated tubing closest to the mask. If that is too bulky for you a FeatherWeight connector tube can be added to move the Filter further away from the mask attachment.


Use of Inline Bacterial Filters may adversely effect auto sensing on Auto-CPAP systems especially at pressures below 7 CM H2O. If your average treatment pressure is below 7 CM H2O Inline Bacterial Filters are not recommended.

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Small Step for Big Benefits Health-wise

I have been using in-line bacteria filters with my CPAP/BiPAP system for a decade. I do this in addition to the regular filtration system included with my device. The added filtering has made for better respiratory health. (Previously I suffered much from allergies, colds, asthma and chronic bronchitis.) It really helps and is worth the small investment. High Recommended.

Reviewed on 02/28/2021
Steve B - San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
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