Philips Respironics Bedside Organizer for Mask & Hose |

Philips Respironics Bedside Organizer for Mask & Hose

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Bedside Organizer for Mask & Hose

The bedside organizer provides convenient bedside storage for a patient’s mask and hose. It helps keep the nightstand tidy and uncluttered and helps protect the mask and hose from dust or curious pets.


  • Clean place to put PAP mask and hose
  • Stylish design looks right at home in the bedroom
  • The weighted flap holds the bedside organizer in place by hanging over a nightstand or between a mattress and bedspring.
  • A zippered compartment conveniently holds the hose and mask making it easy for patients to take when they travel.
  • Fits competitor mask and hose
  • Warranty: 90 days
Dimensions: 7.99” x 10.94” x 3.74”
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