MEDISTROM Car Charger for Pilot-12/24 Lite Battery |

MEDISTROM Car Charger for Pilot-12/24 Lite Battery

Battery Not Included
Battery Not Included
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Car Charger for Pilot-12/24 Lite Battery

Traveling to places where mains power is not available? No Problem! You can charge your Pilot-12/24 Lite Battery from your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter adapter!

Easy to use:

Plug one end of the Medistrom™ Car Charger into the car cigarette lighter socket, and the other end into the “CHARGE” jack of your Pilot 12 Lite or Pilot 24 Lite. The battery will charge in 3-4 hours.


Make sure the battery is NOT connected to a PAP device while charging via car charger!

MSRP $35.00 

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Good Product

Need better instructions in book as to how to use with Z2 product and would be helpful to include Z2 hook up equipment instead of wasted hook up equipment for other products not owned that will be never used.

Need better instructions on recharging battery without CPAP equipment, even if extra as you do with separate easy to connect car charger.

Reviewed on 04/25/2021
Southern California
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