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Breas PowerShell w/Extended Life Battery for Z1 and Z2

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New Longer Life Battery! The PowerShell w/Extended Life Battery for Z1 and Z2 is the first fully integrated power solution for CPAP users that need a totally portable, integrated power source.

Breas PowerShell w/Extended Life Battery for Z1 and Z2

The NEW Extended Life Battery has twice the battery capacity of the original Overnight Battery, so even at the highest settings (20 cmH2O, Z-Breathe 3) CPAP therapy should last 8.9 hours.* With lower pressure settings you should get even longer therapy.

Sleep apnea patients can adventure off the grid confident of a good night's sleep thanks to the PowerShell w/Extended Life Battery for Z1 or Z2 and its cord-free battery-powered CPAP therapy. The PowerShell is the ideal solution for CPAP users in need of a portable power source. Compact and lightweight, the PowerShell fully integrates with the Z1 or Z2 delivering at least 8.9 hours (at 20cm setting) of cord-free CPAP on a single charge.


  • Secure fit inside construction of solid plastic skeleton covered by soft, padded neoprene
  • Insert the battery module and the Z1 or Z2 machine for a fully-integrated mobile CPAP system
  • Single battery charge can deliver 8.9 hours of cord-free CPAP for most users
  • Extremely light 9.8-ounce weight
  • Surrogate power plug for built-in charging using the standard Z1 power adapter
  • Multiple battery modules available for extended cord-free CPAP experience
  • Approved by the FAA for in-flight use
  • Cut the cord and get an undisturbed night of sleep no matter where you lay your head with the PowerShell integrated battery system for Z1 or Z2. Find the perfect solution to portable, battery-powered CPAP therapy with the PowerShell available today at Sleep Direct.

Fully-Integrated Z1 or Z2 Battery Solution
The PowerShell design incorporates a soft 2mm neoprene skin covering a solid plastic skeleton, which houses a battery and the Z1 or Z2. The removable battery and machine components click securely into place in the fully-integrated design, with the Z1 or Z2 machine's display and plug easily accessed. Once integrated together, the Z1 or Z2 machine's standard power supply cord can recharge the battery pack, so the PowerShell can also serve as a convenient backup power source in case of blackouts.


Lightweight, Compact & Portable
The PowerShell is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs only 9.8 ounces with the battery module in place (battery module alone weighs 9.0 ounces). After installing the Z1 or Z2, the PowerShell system still weighs in at less than 1.5 pounds. This is truly portable CPAP therapy!


Take CPAP Therapy Off the Grid
With its lightweight and compact size, the PowerShell is an Ideal CPAP solution for campers and travelers. The PowerShell's lithium-ion battery can deliver a full 8.9 hours of CPAP for most patients. And the battery modules are easily swapped out, so outdoor enthusiasts can extend their overnights with extra batteries. The cord-free functionality will prove quite convenient for air travelers too, with the PowerShell FAA approved for in-flight use.


In the Box

  • The PowerShell battery cradle
  • One (1) PowerShell Extended Life Battery
  • A lanyard so that you can hang the Z1 or Z2 while it is inside the PowerShell. Hang it from your headboard, a tent-pole, the armrest of your seat while flying, etc


Q:  Does the CPAP come with the Extended Life Battery and PowerShell?

A:  No, this is only the Extended Life Battery and PowerShell, designed to work with Breas' Z1 and Z2 travel machines.

Q:  Is the Extended Life Battery and PowerShell approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)?  

A:  Yes.  The FAA approves the Breas Z1/Z2 Extended Life Battery and PowerShell for in-flight domestic and international use.  It is a good idea to check with the specific airline you are flying with; however, as they may require a note from your physician or your CPAP prescription.  

Q:  Is a prescription required to purchase the Extended Life Battery and PowerShell?  

A:  No.  A prescription is only required for the purchase of the CPAP itself.

Q: Do the Extended Life Battery and PowerShell charge while operating the Z1 or Z2?

A:  No, during your sleep therapy, the battery will not charge.  You will need to charge your battery when you are not using the device.

Q:  Should I charge the Extended Life Battery and PowerShell if not in regular use?

Y:  Yes.  To extend the life of the battery, periodically charge your Extended Life Battery and PowerShell if you have not been using it.

Q:  Does the Extended Life Battery and PowerShell come with a power cord?

A:  No.  You will use the power cord from your Z1 or Z2 to charge the Extended Life Battery and PowerShell.


Battery Li Ion
Operating Temperature 41º-95ºF/5º-35ºC
Dimensions 8.25 x 4 x 3.25 in
PowerShell Weight 25.7 ounces
Power 14.4v / 99 Wh
Run Time 8.9 hours (at 20cm)
Warranty 2 years on PowerShell, 9 months on Battery
Recharge Time Up to 8 Hours When Fully Depleted (Typical Per Battery) Hours
Lifespan Approximately 300 charge / discharge cycle
MSRP $599.00  You Save: 25.0%
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