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Freedom V2 CPAP Battery Only (plus Bridge Cable)

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Freedom V2 CPAP Battery Only (plus Bridge Cable)

Freedom V2 CPAP Battery Only (plus Bridge Cable)

The Freedom V2 CPAP Battery lets you power your CPAP machine when and where you need it – no matter where your world takes you!

Unique variable voltage design and smart DC cables with dynamic control output make the Freedom V2 an industry-leader in CPAP travel battery and backup power supply technology.

This ultra-portable lithium-ion battery is the ideal solution for powering your CPAP machine while camping or during air travel. It can also be permanently connected to your CPAP machine and used as a battery backup system to offer continuous, uninterrupted power in the event of a power outage.


  • Perfect for camping, road trips and other outdoor adventures.
  • Safe for air travel and great for red-eye and international flights.
  • Set up as an uninterrupted battery backup system for power outages.
  • Bridge Cable lets you connect two Freedom V2 batteries together to double the amount of time you can power your CPAP machine or other portable electronic device.
  • Quick Charge 3.0 USB port for charging cell phones, tablets and more.

NOTE - No CPAP machine connection cables or battery charging accessories/adapters are included. This Single Battery is designed to be connected to another Freedom V2 Battery to double runtime.

In The Box
  • Freedom V² CPAP Battery
  • Freedom V² Battery Bridge Cable
  • User Manual

Average Run Time Notes:

Many factors can affect how long the Freedom V² CPAP Battery battery will power your PAP device, including, but not limited to the device type (CPAP, BiPAP, AVAP, VPAP, etc.) pressure setting, your mask fit, and the use of heated humidification or heated tubing.

Using heated humidification and/or heated tubing will significantly reduce expected run times by up to two thirds in most cases and in some cases could prevent the battery from being able to power your PAP device. For optimal battery performance you should disable or detach your humidifier and heated tubing.

BiPAP/BiLevel devices will have lower run times as the pressure setting is not constant and changes throughout the night requiring more power to operate the device. For these types of devices a dual battery setup is always recommended.

To increase average run times the Freedom V² CPAP Battery can be used in a dual battery configuration by bridging two Freedom V² batteries together.

Average run time is based on ResMed Air 10 series CPAP machines without the use of heated humidification or heated tubing on a pressure setting of 10 cm/H20.

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