Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (8-Cell Battery) - Open Box |

Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (8-Cell Battery) - Open Box

Inogen One G4
Inogen One G4
Inogen G4 weighs 2.8 pounds
Inogen G4 weighs 2.8 pounds
Accessory G4 Double Battery
Inogen G4 Double Battery
The Inogen G4 a compact solution for O2 therapy
The Inogen G4 is a compact solution for O2 therapy
Inogen G4 provides easy portability
Inogen G4 provides easy portability
Inogen One G4 Carrying Bag
Inogen One G4 Carrying Bag
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Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator


Open Box Special

The Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator provides a convenient, real-world solution to portable oxygen therapy. Forget about heavy, cumbersome oxygen tanks weighing down your plans, because the compact Inogen One G4 weighs less than three pounds and fits in a small satchel. The new G4 can also run for hours on rechargeable battery power, with mobile charging options included. Add in FAA-approval for in-flight use, and the Inogen G4 is the perfect choice for active oxygen patients on-the-go.

Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator Features:

  • Ultra lightweight oxygen concentrator weighs only 2.8 pounds (including battery)
  • Compact dimensions make for a discreet yet effective portable oxygen source
  • Three flow settings (1, 2, 3)
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen user interface
  • Breath Detection Alert Mode delivers audible and visible signals when breath not detected for 60 seconds
  • Lithium-ion battery design powers up to 2.7 hours of cordless oxygen delivery
  • AC power supply automatically adjusts to voltages between 100 – 240V, making it functional for domestic and international power sources
  • DC charger delivers power solutions on the go via automobile 12V plug
  • Easy portability with standard carrying case and shoulder strap
  • Approved for in-flight use by the FAA
Lightweight & Compact Portable Oxygen Solution

Oxygen concentrators are self-contained oxygen therapy systems that concentrate oxygen from the surrounding ambient air. Portable oxygen concentrators have revolutionized oxygen therapy, and Inogen continues to innovate with its latest design – the Inogen One G4. Weighing in at a mere 2.8 pounds (including battery), the Inogen One G4 is the lightest and most compact oxygen concentrator design produced by the California-based company.

About the size of a thick hardcover book, the Inogen One G4 makes for a discreet oxygen source. The G4 concentrator easily tucks away into its complementary carrying bag with shoulder strap for an incredibly convenient portable oxygen system. No more heavy tanks or hard-to-maneuver rolling carts slowing you down, instead just slide the strap over your shoulder and off you go!

Three Oxygen Flow Settings & Breath Detection Alert

While the pint-sized stature of the Inogen One G4 makes it practical and convenient, that doesn’t mean it’s underpowered. The sturdy G4 is designed for 24-hour use and delivers oxygen therapy with three different flow settings. The G4 oxygen concentrator also offers advanced features, like its Breath Detection Alert Mode. Once enabled, the Breath Detection Alert triggers audible and visual signals after 60 seconds without a breath detected. The Inogen G4 then enters auto-pulse mode until another breath is detected, with a flashing yellow icon on the LCD screen also indicating the alert’s activation.

Battery Power with Portable Charging Options

The Inogen G4 sources a lithium-ion battery pack for cordless oxygen therapy, with the battery recharging itself when connected to the AC power supply or DC charger. A fully charged battery can deliver 2.7 hours of oxygen therapy and takes 5 hours to recharge from full depletion. Extra battery packs can extend your cordless oxygen experience, with an accessory Inogen G4 Double Battery offering up to 5 hours of therapy on a single charge.

The Inogen One G4’s DC charger, which comes as standard equipment along with the AC power cable, provides mobile charging options. The DC power cable plugs into 12-volt power sources for use in a car, truck or RV. The AC power supply automatically adjusts to multiple input voltages (100 to 240V), allowing it to be used with most power sources across the globe. And international travelers, as well as those flying closer to home, will appreciate the Inogen One G4’s approval by the FAA for in-flight use.

Easy-to-Read LCD Screen & Intuitive Menu

The Inogen One G4’s easy-to-use design extends to its LCD screen and control panel. Patients won’t need to fuss with overly complicated menus or instrumentation. The G4’s intuitive interface features a simple On/Off button and two buttons to adjust the three-position Flow Setting, with another button engaging the Breath Detection Alert. Two small indicator lights signal when the system is running properly (green), changing in operating status (yellow) or alerting the patient (flashing yellow). The easy-to-read LCD screen displays flow setting and power status, including the percentage of remaining battery duration, so patients know when to swap out batteries or find power source to recharge.

In The Box

  • Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • AC power supply
  • DC power cable
  • G4 Single Battery with up to 2.7 hours of duration capacity
  • G4 bag with shoulder strap for easy portability
  • Standard 3-year warranty

Don’t let oxygen therapy set the limits for your active lifestyle. Instead, bring your oxygen with you with the lightweight and compact Inogen One G4. Enjoy the newfound freedom of portable oxygen therapy by ordering the Inogen G4 oxygen concentrator, available now at Sleep Direct.

Weight: 2.8 pounds (includes single battery)
Oxygen Flow: Pulse dose delivery system- three flow settings 1,2,3
Noise Level: 40 dBA
Warranty: 3 year standard warranty
Operation: Simple control function LCD
Maximum Pulse Oxygen Output: 630 mL/min; 31.5 mL @ 20 BPM
Battery Duration: Single battery up to 2.7 hours; accessory double battery up to 5 hours
Power: AC power supply: 100-240v (auto-sensing for international use); DC power cable for mobile use in the car
Size: 7.2" x length 5.91” x width 2.68” (includes single battery)
Recharge: Up to 3 hours with AC or DC power for single battery (5 hours for accessory double battery)
Insurance Code(s) E1390
MSRP $2,495.00  You Save: 24.0%