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ResMed AirTouch™ F20 Full Face Mask

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AirTouch™ F20 Full Face Mask


Softest Mask Ever

ResMed’s softest mask ever, the AirTouch™ F20 is the very first to feature the revolutionary ResMed UltraSoft™ memory foam cushion. In a study, the plush AirTouch™ F20 fit 98% of patients.


Designed to reduce facial markings and skin irritation – even when sealed firmly against the skin – AirTouch fits 98% of patient faces. Permeable foam creates a uniquely natural, breathable seal that allows some excess heat and sweat to escape through the cushion without compromising therapy pressure. The AirTouch™ F20 delivers unprecedented comfort and a light, breathable seal- even at high pressures. Conforming to the unique contours of each face and featuring smaller sizes, this memory foam cushion is designed to deliver a light, breathable fit while working across a range of therapy pressures.

Fast And Easy Maintenance

With the AirTouch™ F20, maintenance is fast and beyond simple. No soap, no water. A quick wipe down keeps the memory foam clean. With regular cushion replacement, patients experience a fresh feeling every time.

The AirTouch™ F20 frame is compatible with the AirFit™ F20 InfinitySeal™ cushion, and includes magnetic clips to quickly guide the headgear into the frame.


  • The softest mask we’ve ever designed, featuring an UltraSoft™ memory foam cushion
  • Light, breathable cushion is designed to seal across a wide range of therapy pressures
  • Modular frame design allows convenient interchangeability with AirFit™ 20 InfinitySeal™ cushion

In The Box

  • Frame
  • Cushion
  • Elbow
  • Headgear

Please note, according to ResMed, the Memory Foam Mask Cushion on the new AirTouch F20 should be cleaned by wiping it daily (not with soap and water). If you have a SoClean, please remove the Memory Foam Mask Cushion and place your mask frame & headgear in the SoClean unit to clean your system as usual.

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Insurance Code(s) A7030, A7035
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4 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Excellent mask

I have had trouble finding a mask that gives me consistent service and low leakage. Multiple visits to sleep therapist were coming up short. This mask was tricky to adjust right out of the box but I am now getting excellent results with very low leakage and I can sleep in more positions without inducing leakage. This may finally be the one.

Reviewed on 11/23/2020
3 out of 3 customers found this review helpful.
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Happy customer from Maine

Dealing with your company was simply; no fuss, no muss. Easy shopping, fair to better pricing and good customer service to back up their products. If only other companies followed CPAP Direct protocols. Thank .you

Reviewed on 09/21/2020
Westbrook Maine
1 out of 1 customers found this review helpful.
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Very Comfortable, easy to put on

This is a very comfortable mask. It took about 4 nights of adjustments before I really had it right. Since then its has worked very well. I especially like the magnetic clips, they make putting this on extremely easy.

Reviewed on 08/28/2020
2 out of 2 customers found this review helpful.
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Very Comfortable.

Reviewed on 02/23/2019
0 out of 0 customers found this review helpful.
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