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ResMed AirFit™ F30 Full Face Mask Assembly Kit

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AirFit™ F30 Full Face Mask Assembly Kit

The ResMed AirFit™ F30 Full Face Mask - Assembly Kit has everything needed to refresh a mask without needing to purchase an entirely new mask. It comes with the cushion and the mask frame only. It does not include the AirFit™ F30 headgear, though the headgear can be purchased separately if needed.

The AirFit™ F30 Full Face Mask is sleek and modern with a wide-open field of view created by a low-profile, compact cushion that seals at the base of each nostril and covering the mouth, leaving the bridge of the nose open. The mask is also feather-light and has less bulk than traditional full face masks.

The mask is designed to reduce noise, made possible by the QuietAir Elbow. The QuietAir Elbow spreads out the diffused air over a larger surface area, reducing noise and helping to create a quieter sleeping environment for the user and sleeping partner.


  • Minimal Contact Design
  • Innovative Compact Cushion
  • Wide-Open Field of Vision
  • Quiet Operation with QuietAir Elbow
  • Minimal Contact Design

The ResMed AirFit™ F30 Full Face Mask eliminates the need of a forehead contact entirely. By securing the mask in place at four points on the mask frame, and utilizing a strap at the top of the head, there are fewer contact points on the face, creating fewer red marks and helping improve user comfort.

Compact Cushion Helps Create Wide-Open Field of Vision

The ultra-compact cushion design offers a much-improved field of vision, with almost no obstructions. Enjoy a favorite book, send text messages to family, or watch a show on TV; the AirFit™ F30 makes it possible to do it all!

The open field of vision makes it possible to engage in enjoyable activities before bed and is helpful for users wearing glasses as there’s no obstruction to the bridge of the nose. The open field of vision can also help reduce feelings of claustrophobia and might make it more comfortable to wear a CPAP mask.

QuietAir Elbow Reduces Mask Noise

ResMed has used the QuietAir Elbow on other masks in the ResMed family with great success and has included it in the design of the AirFit™ F30. The QuietAir Elbow works as a noise diffuser, spreading the exhaled air out over a wider area, making less noise.

In The Box:

  • Mask Frame
  • Cushion in Selected Size
  • User Manual

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Customer Reviews


Awesome Mask !

I love this new Mask so much better then the regular full size .. I like the way it fits and I like that I don't feel claustrophobia any more...Plus its very attractive..and so easy to put on and off ..doesnt leak at night Hallelujah..

Reviewed on 02/21/2019
7 out of 9 customers found this review helpful.
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New Mask For Me

I've had a full face F20 mask for over a year now and occasionally it would leak air from around the top bu my nose and really dry my eyes out. I found this new mask the F30 so I thought id give it a try. What a GREAT mask! The fit is perfect with no air leaks even with less tension on the head gear. I just love it and highly recommend it to anyone tired of the F20 full mask.

Reviewed on 11/19/2018
11 out of 13 customers found this review helpful.
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