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Philips Respironics DreamWear Fit Pack

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DreamWear Fit Pack (All sizes ship with Medium Frame)


The Philips Respironics DreamWear Fit Pack is a hybrid CPAP mask designed to combine the benefits of a nasal mask and nasal pillows. The innovative design of the DreamWear mask grants users greater freedom of movement and a more comfortable, unencumbered sleeping experience.

The secret to the DreamWear’s success is its unconventional hybrid nasal/nasal pillows design. The DreamWear remains fixed in position under the patient’s nose like a traditional mask, but the seal with the patient’s airway is more similar to a nasal pillows system. This minimal contact under the nose cushion helps prevent the discomfort, irritation and red marks patients can experience with more conventional CPAP masks. Unlike traditional nasal pillows or nasal masks, the hose tubing doesn’t extend from the front of the face. Instead the pressurized air flows from the nostrils through broad-tubed channels flanking the patient’s cheekbones before turning upward to terminate in the hose junction on top of the head.

DreamWear users claim (based off Philips User Preference Questionnaire) the DreamWear improves comfort and fit compared to their previous masks. Philips also touts that DreamWear users experience more freedom of movement throughout the night. Unrestricted by tubes around their neck and face, DreamWear patients can change sleeping positions easier, able to turn from their stomach, side and back with less worry about getting tangled up.


  • Tubing attachment located on top of the head for added comfort and mobility
  • Nose bridge helps to prevent irritation of the nostrils
  • Sleep patients have rated the DreamWear more appealing, comfortable, and stable than their regular prescribed mask
  • Silicon frame and wraps give a soft feel on the patient’s cheek

In The Box

  • DreamWear Frame (Medium Frame)
  • Three sizes of cushions (S/M/L)
  • Headgear (adjustable velcro straps to fit a wide range of patients)

The Philips Respironics DreamWear has been recognized as an innovative product, earning a 2016 iF Design Gold Award in the product design discipline. Satisfied DreamWear users have sung its praises as well. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the DreamWear Fit Pack by ordering online at CPAP Direct.

NOTE This product ships with a Medium Size Frame

Part#: 1116700

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Insurance Code(s) A7034, A7035
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Customer Reviews


best cpap mask for me

I struggled with many types, whole face, minimal face, large, small etc. I decided to give this a shot as I was about to say the heck with this cpap business I'll take my chances. This unit arrived and I haven't looked back. The nasal piece was he first to NOT irritate my nose by pushing up into the nose, it had a soft but firm pressure to my nose with no entry or discomfort, love the top of the head swivel air tube which allows for a toss and turner, (like me) the only draw back is that the cloth head strap which supplies the closing pressure (mask to nose) has a tendency to slide upward on the back of the head a little which causes the mack to lose it's seal and then leak, which wakes me up. this is why I gave it a 4.5; better design on that strap would make this perfect. A reminder, one must learn to keep your mouth shut while wearing this mask (like almost all of them), or it gets noisy. I would recommend this mask to anyone and trust me I have a drawer full of the other styles. Thanks, Don.

Reviewed on 02/01/2017
Irving, Texas
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