Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue Full™ Mask & Headgear |

Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue Full™ Mask & Headgear

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ComfortGel Blue Full™ Mask & Headgear


ComfortGel Blue Full CPAP Face Mask & Headgear is an excellent advancement for CPAP users who need a full-face mask. A comfortable forehead cushion and enhanced StabilitySelector combine with our popular blue gel replaceable cushion to create a high level of comfort and stability. The unique sure seal technology (SST) provides a membrane-thin layer over the gel cushion to closely follow facial contours of both men and women, allowing more wearers to quickly achieve the comfortable seal they need.


  • Premium forehead pad enhances comfort and fit.
  • Premium headgear provides patient comfort and mask stability.
  • StabilitySelector moves freely and is easy to adjust.
  • O2 pick-off port for pressure measurement.
  • Angled exhalation micro ports make operation quieter and redirect air away from a bed partner.
  • Ball-and-socket Quick Clips mean freer movement and easy mask removal.
Insurance Code(s) A7031, A7035
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2 Reviews

Customer Reviews


Respironics Gel full Mask

The mask causes a great deal of pain at the bridge of my nose. I previously ordered a large, thought that may be the problem. The present mask is an extra large however, it's not helping. I'm trying to come up with some form of padding because it is so painful.

Other than that I'm very happy with the product.

Reviewed on 12/14/2020
General Lee
Muddy Mississippi
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very comfortable full face mask

the mask is very comfortable for some one who needs a full mask. I normally breath through my nose but due to allergies I will some times become a mouth breather in the middle of the night, and therefore need a full mask . my wife also likes the mask as I no longer snore.

Reviewed on 12/24/2017
occasional mouth breather
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