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HDM manufacturers the popular Z1 line of CPAP machines – lightweight and compact CPAP devices that are ideal for travelers. HDM also produces CPAP accessories, including the PowerShell integrated battery system. Sleep apnea patients looking for a convenient travel CPAP device that’s durable enough for regular at-home use can purchase HDM CPAP machines and accessories here.

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HDM Z1 Travel CPAP Machine with Z-Breathe™

$479.00 msrp $595.00 plus FREE 2-day shipping

New LOW PRICE - 15-Day Free Trial! The Z1™ with Z-Breathe™ is unlike any cpap machine on the market. Super small, very quiet, and totally portable. The Z1™ is the first cpap machine available with an optional integrated battery solution.

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HDM Heat/Moisture Exchanger (HME)

$5.95 Best price

The HME is a waterless humidification system that captures exhaled moisture and returns it to you when needed.

HDM Z1 Auto Travel APAP Machine with Z-Breathe™

$549.00 msrp $899.00 plus FREE 2-day shipping

New LOW PRICE - 15-Day Free Trial! The Z1 Auto is the world’s smallest, lightest APAP machine. It fits easily into an overnight bag because it is only 6.5 inches long, and with its optional FAA approved integrated battery, you’ll be assured of a good night’s rest even if the power goes out.

HDM 4 Ft. SlimStyle™ Tube for Z1

$24.95 Best price

Special 4 foot lightweight, thin pressure delivery tube for use with the Z1™ device

HDM Z1 Polyester Air Filters (2-pack)

$8.95 Best price

Z1™ Polyester disposable Filters (2-pack) to be used with the Z1™ Basic Travel CPAP Machine. A perfect fit.

HDM Z1 PowerShell™

$349.00 msrp $545.00 Save 35% plus FREE shipping

New LOW PRICE! The PowerShell™ is the first fully integrated power solution for cpap users that need a totally portable, integrated power source. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but has enough power for at least 8 hours of cord-free cpap.

HDM Z1 Soft Side Case

$29.95 msrp $59.95

This great EVA case will protect and house a Z1 & PowerShell plus all of the accessories needed for travel.

HDM Z1™ Custom Tube Adapter

$14.95 msrp $19.95 Save 25%

HDM Z1™ Custom Tube Adaptor is a replacement adapter that is used with the HDM Z1™ CPAP system, it adapts a standard 22mm CPAP hose to the outlet on the Z1™.

HDM Qtube In-line CPAP Muffler

$29.95 msrp $34.95 Save 14%

The Qtube In-line CPAP Muffler reduces acoustic noise transmitted to the patient mask through the CPAP tube.

HDM Z1 12V DC Adapter

$39.95 Best price

The 12V DC Power Cord for Z1 CPAP Machines powers the Z1 CPAP Travel Machine. It connects the machine to any 12-volt battery source, including car cigarette lighters.

HDM Z1 Extra Battery Module

$199.00 msrp $265.00 Save 24% plus FREE shipping

The Z1 Extra Battery Module is a replacement battery designed for use in the Z1 PowerShell and used to power Z1 CPAP Machines. Extra Battery Modules can be purchased and swapped out as needed for additional time away from fixed power sources.

HDM Qtube Replacement Kit

$5.99 Best price

The Qtube Replacement Kit contains the replacement foam, O ring and plastic wrap for the Qtube In-Line Muffler.

  • 1-12 of 12 Results