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3B Medical Luna Auto CPAP Machine with Integrated H60 Heated Humidifier

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Luna Auto CPAP Machine with H60 Heated Humidifier


The Luna Auto CPAP Machine with Integrated H60 Heated Humidifier by 3B Products is bound to be the most sought-after Automatic CPAP Machine on the market today. The Luna Auto was designed to do all the work for you, adjusting automatically to deliver the right amount of pressure throughout the night while you sleep.

This new intelligent Luna Auto CPAP machine has been designed for home therapy of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and offers all the latest most up to date technology while at the same time remaining to be very user-friendly.

The Luna Auto CPAP Machine includes advanced sensor technology to automatically track your respiratory condition, detect the onset of snoring and automatically increases the pressure until the airway is fully open.

The Integrated H60 Heated Humidifier gives you extra comfort while adding just the right amount of humidity that you need throughout the night.


  • iCode app is another great feature that allows you remote access to your sleep therapy with just a simple phone call. iCode® is web-based. No software installation or direct cable connections are necessary. iCode® is free and comes standard on every model. The machine will show information such as compliance hours, average pressure, AHI, snore index, and leak rate. Tracking your sleep Data has never been easier.

The iCode offers patient auto-dial with voice recognition for automated compliance data retrieval.

  • Reslex is designed to help users adjust as they exhale during sleep therapy. The machine will operate a low pressure until a higher pressure is needed. Reslex is a comfort feature that eases the exhalation process making it easier to breathe out against the air flow. Reslex offers 3 settings, with 1 being the lowest drop in pressure and 3 the largest drop in pressure, or you can simply turn it off and not have any drop in pressure if you choose.

  • Heated H60 Humidifier has 5 Heat settings that you can adjust according to your desired level of humidity. The settings are displayed with blue lights indicating the level that you have selected, or you can choose to not use the heated humidifier at all.

Using a Heated Humidifier with your CPAP treatment can prevent nasal congestion. The heated humidifier is simply a chamber filled with water that sits on a heater-plate. The air from the CPAP passes over the warm water in the chamber before it is delivered to your airways.

  • On/Off features automatic starting and stopping of therapy when the user puts their mask on and starts breathing, or takes the mask off when your therapy is finished.


  • Luna Auto CPAP Machine
  • Luna Heated Humidifier
  • 2pc Reusable Foam Filters (1 Installed)
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • Side Cover
  • SD Card
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manuals
Warranty Machine 2 year, Humidifier 1 year
Special User Features Pressure Relief comfort, iCode Data Tracking, Integrated Heated Humidifier
Pressure Range 4 - 20cm H2O (0.5 increments)
Ramp Time 0-60 minutes
Altitude Adjustment 10,000 ft
Electrical Requirements AC Power: 100-240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 2.0 A max
Weight Luna™ CPAP with Humidifier: 5.5 lbs
Machine weight only Luna™ CPAP: 3.3 lbs
Insurance Code(s) E0601,E0562
Dimensions Luna™ CPAP with Humidifier: 11.4 in L x 7.7 in W x 5.3 in
MSRP $499.00  You Save: 3.8%