CPAP Direct Prescription Policy |

CPAP Direct Prescription Policy

All sleep therapy machines, masks, and humidifiers are defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Class II Medical Devices and require a valid prescription before your order can be shipped. You do not need a prescription for other items such as machine filters, tubes, accessories and components, however some insurance companies may desire proof of prescription before reimbursing for these items.

Prescription FAQs

How do I get a prescription?

Once you have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, you can obtain a prescription for the use of PAP equipment from your personal physician.

How do I submit my prescription?

To submit a prescription, do one of the following:

• Email a copy (a legible, phone camera photo is acceptable) to:

• Fax the prescription to: 503-296-2219

• Mail a copy of the prescription to: CPAP Direct: 900 SW Fifth Ave., #1825 Portland, OR 97204

Once we receive a valid prescription, your order will be processed and the item(s) will be shipped out.